Unpopular Thomas Opinions.

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Unpopular Thomas Opinions. Empty Unpopular Thomas Opinions.

Post by TunefulToots on Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:04 am

So, I had some weird Thomas opinions, and I decided to post them here.

1. Emily is a better and more developed character than Duck.

2. Seasons 8 - 11 weren't that bad. 8 and 9 were actually pretty good.

3. Edward is one of the most boring characters.

4. CAE is actually pretty decent. Much better than TATMR.

5. TGR is better than SLOTLT.

6. I really dislike how Thomas and James have been portrayed ever since Season 20. They've had their trademark personality traits stretched out way too much. They've made James' vanity and turned it into an excuse to make him a punching bag. And Thomas is now just a Gary Stu-esque character.

7. Original stories are better and more interesting than RWS stories.

8. Lady is a horrible character, hand's down.

9. I really don't like Rebecca. She's practically just Molly but instead of having an actual personality, she's just the stereotypical annoyingly innocent character everyone loves.

10. I'm not that bothered by unrealism.

Welp, I'm gonna get a lot of juicy comments for this. Feel free to post your unpopular opinions if you want. Anyways, these are just my opinions, so please just respect them instead of acting immature and raging because I said Emily's better than Duck or something stupid like that.
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Unpopular Thomas Opinions. Empty Re: Unpopular Thomas Opinions.

Post by TheIsraeliSudrian on Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:28 am

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