Mattel and their position in Thomas & Friends

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Mattel and their position in Thomas & Friends

Post by TaffyTheTankEngine on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:34 pm

It's been along time since I've written something like this. But anyways, this is something i have been wanting to write about for a while now. I was going to write something on the state of the fan base, but since so many people have said their word already, including SiF, i thought their is no need to repeat whats already been said and i thought i might write about something that I've wanted to say for a while now (i may have already said it in another post), and this comes after peoples reaction to Thomas Wood, Big World! Big Adventures!, Journey Beyond Sodor and A Shed For Edward that just aired today. I might as well say it...

...i actually feel really sorry for Mattel.

Now you might think, HOW DARE YOU!!!!, MATTEL ARE S##T!!!!, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, you know how Thomas fans typically act in this day and age. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff Mattel have done have been rather questionable, but after seeing the way that Thomas fans have reacted angrily towards Mattel when something "Bad" comes into the spotlight regarding the show, whether it would be the engine movements in JBS and Season 21, Thomas Wood, the announcement of Big World! Big Adventures!, or Edward leaving the steam team, it just makes me have so much sympathy for Mattel, and the reason for this is simple and can be narrowed down to 5 simple words...

...Thomas Fans Need a Scapegoat!!

What i mean by this is, do you remember Season 13-16 and the dark ages of the show. To me whenever you hear a discussion on this era of the show, one of the things that always gets passed around is "Sharon Miller was terrible writer, she destroyed Thomas as we know it, its goes on and on. What i'm trying to say is that Sharon Miller is often blamed for Season 13-16 being so terrible, when in reality, it was only the tip of the iceberg for the problems the show was facing at the time, and that the higher ups were more of blame than the writers were (funny how fans are blaming the higher ups at Mattel for the shows "downhill spiral" when nobody blamed them for season 13-16 being so bad).

This is the same story with Mattel, after Sharon Miller resigned from head writer to make way for Andrew Brenner, after we found out how great he and his writing team could be, it's like we don't what to give them criticism for when something goes wrong, so we need a new "something" to take the scapegoat position for all the shows "problems" and we've made Mattel out to be just that, and ever since every time something changes within the show for its merchandising, it has to get lambasted because it represents the show "going downhill again", and to be honest, it just don't see why.

Because to face the fact, to everything hating Mattel for everything they've done, just remember, they were the ones who brought Thomas out of the hellhole that was Seasons 8-16 of the show. I mean they do respect the history and lure of Thomas & Friends, while adding new elements that, for me at least, enhance the quality and life of the show rather than feeling like just a gimmick.

For example, the engine movements i feel like have brought so much character and life into the show, i even said that if you watch a seen with no engine movements, it doesn't look as engaging and i would happily see it again in the series. Big World! Big Adventures! has that feeling like it will last one year and then more service will resume after woulds and even the same writing and producing team will be working on this new series. Heck, call me crazy, but i personally think some of the Thomas Wood toy's don't even look that bad (i think there are two that look atrocious, but the rest look meh to okay to pretty good in some circumstances), and this has literately nothing to do with the show itself.

To conclude this piece, i will simply say this. Mattel and the end of the day, does have a direction they want to take this show in and i feel like we should be intrigued into we're this journey will take us. Instead we are just blasted every single thing Mattel brings us and labelling this show as doomed and must be cancelled before it gets any "worse". do you guys really want that to happen and the end of day? Especially after all the hard work Mattel & Brenner have been putting in over the last 5 years? To me Mattel should be thanked for bringing Thomas back to life from the days of Seasons 13-16 instead of being ripped apart for something incredibly trivial. Because at the end of the day, Thomas is here to stay, and Mattel are with the show for the foreseeable future, whether we like it or not. But as long as Mattel respects the lure and history of Thomas over the past 72 years and keeps on the same writing team since taking over the show in 2013, the show will be just fine were it is.
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